Surfing in Asturias

Asturias is of course famous for adventure sports and one of the more energetic, skilful and challenging of those activities is surfing.

Like neighbouring Galicia, Asturias has an extensive coastline and the result is that very few other Spanish regions have more beaches and more opportunities to surf. Even so, not all of the beaches are ideal for surfers.

To the north of the region is the Mar Cantabrico sea and this can produce large waves and great surfing opportunities. The result of this is that there are over 20 different surf and surf related clubs in the Asturias region. This represents the increasing popularity of the sport, particularly when it comes to overseas visitors.

Surfing in Asturias

Surfing first took off in Asturias back in 1968 when two Australian brothers, Peter and Robert Gulley, spent some time at Tapia de Casariego. Since then there has been a large surfing event taking place almost annually called the Peter Gulley memorial. The XXI event takes place in March 2012 over three days from the 5th to the 7th of April. The event will see hundreds of surfers of varying levels of proficiency right through to professional standard and there is prize money for the main event.

Where to surf

The best places to surf are to the west side of Asturias where the mountainous regions fade away and the breezes are reduced. As already mentioned, Tapia is well known and very popular, but there is a beach at Salinas that is within close proximity of the beautiful city of Aviles that has good waves.

Gijon (which lies on the coast) also has some nearby beaches that attract surfers and Rodiles (where there is a surf camp) and el Mongol, both close to Gijon, are popular.

At Quebrantos beach there is a surf school that offers courses at level one and level two and accommodation etc can be arranged. There are professional instructors, the equipment is provided and the programme leads to a recognised certificate. (The name of the club is Calima surf camp.)

Asturias has a lot of small hidden beaches and many of these are worth exploring. Most will be almost deserted, particularly those that are not close to Aviles, Gijon or Oviedo.


Asturias has a limited number of surf shops and shortboards dominate local sales. See the links below for more information of surf clubs.

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