The types of property that you could buy in Asturias

There are 3 reason why you might want to consider buying property in Asturias.

A home or vacation home

If you want a perfect, beautiful, peaceful and idyllic place to live, then Asturias can provide you with an escape (short or long term) from the hectic modern world. You will find new, refurbished and old run-down houses in every location, every style and covering every budget.

House prices “out of town” are extremely good and you can pick up a renovated rural home from as little as £100K. Prices in the three main cities and around localities like Cangas de Onis can increase, but they still remain good value.

To make matters even better, the annual running costs of a house in Asturias are a fraction of what they are in the UK, USA or Eire.

Running a Hotel

If you want to move to Asturias, but need to earn an income whilst you are there, you could consider buying, or setting up, a small hotel.

The zones of Asturias dotted around the beautiful Picos de Europa mountain range are popular with visitors the year long. This part of Asturias sees international vacationers from all over the world and they holiday in the region for not just relaxation, but also for “mild” adventure sports like hiking, canoeing and quad biking. Asturias has an internationally famous canoe race and a number of large specialist companies who cater for many thousands of canoers every day in August.

The months of July and August see this part of Asturias overflowing with tourists and hotels rooms are always fully booked for this peak period – sometimes up to a year in advance.

Most rural Asturian hoteliers make over 50% of their annual income during this 6 to 8 week period and most of it is earned from the masses of Spanish tourists who escape the south’s heat during the national holiday month of August. Speaking Spanish would naturally become a necessity in this part of Spain for any ex-pat.

A rental house

If you want a holiday home in Asturias, but also need to “part finance” it, buying with the specific aim of vacation rental can be an option. These holiday chalets can earn a good, but primarily seasonal, income in Spring, summer and early autumn (fall).

The best locations for rental homes are always in the rural areas, or close to the coast (you can often combine the two). Any location close to the Picos de Europa will usually offer good rental opportunities, but the big cities are best avoided. They prove more expensive, but also have less appeal to holiday visitors.

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