Why buy property in Asturias

Asturias can provide a first class opportunity to buy a holiday house or second home at a price that falls within the budget of many. With a large and rural setting, this region has many old stone houses, former farm houses and cottages, and it is perfect for the budding property developer looking to buy into green Spain.

Asturias sits comfortably on the northern coast of Spain, hemmed in by the Cordillera Cantabrica Mountains and the ocean and it is home to some of Spain’s greenest and most beautiful landscapes. Asturias also benefits from its own airport (OVD) - a huge plus point for those already owning, or thinking about buying, a property in Asturias.

Sitting literally on the bay of Biscay, the “Costa Verde” (as the Asturias coastline is known in Spain), is where many discerning Spanish travel to in summer. Many stay in coastal holiday towns like San Sebastian and Santander, but just as many travel inland in to Asturias to enjoy its stunning vistas and laid back way of life.

In addition to the area's natural beauty, the Asturians themselves are very friendly and are always enthusiastic to greet visitors and those seeking to build a new life in their region.

Property in Asturias

Asturias, as well as many other parts of green Spain, provides an extensive selection of rural houses. These properties range from the traditional rustic farm houses (many in need of renovation) spreading over a couple of acres of land, to the modern style holiday properties with swimming pools and en-suites.

Prices in Asturias are still very affordable, but they are rising, a result of the recent increase in green tourism in Asturias over the last ten years. This means that houses in Asturias can offer excellent investment opportunities and good summer rentals.

More reasons to buy a house in Asturias

Asturias is not for those with aspirations targeted at the Costa Blanca or Costa Calida. This green and Celtic part of Spain offers something unique and full of character and its appeal is not one of cheap booze, constant sun and economy hotels.

It is true that there are over 200 glorious beaches in Asturias scattered across a 350 km long coastline, but having been left alone by mass tourism, Asturias still has a genuinely strong Spanish culture.

In Asturias you will find old and traditional values, good manners and an open honesty - something rarely experienced in many other parts of the world these days. You will also enjoy a laid back lifestyle and an atmosphere that countries like England lost several decades ago.

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