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We called in at Oviedo 2 years ago whilst on a once in a lifetime tour of Spain. We were only there for half a day, but certainly agree that the old part of the city is well worth seeing. We did not find out about the sidra drink until after we had left, but we did eat a traditional stew or broth which was different and quite nice in its own way (I am trying to be nice).

I do remember that the tourist office in Oviedo was very helpful and we found the people friendly too. We would definitely like to go back at some point, but Spain is so far away from our home in Texas. We will need to save up a little.

Pat and Hal, Texas, USA

I did a study abroad program in Oviedo the summer of 2008, and I was constantly astonished at how beautiful a city Oviedo is. It was my first time out of the country, and everyone that I met was very helpful and friendly. It is difficult to travel here without knowing Spanish, but it is well worth the trip.

The Cafe Oriental one block north of the cathedral had some of the best cafe con leche I've ever had, and free Wi-Fi as well. I also enjoyed Calle Mon, which is an avenue of small bars and nightclubs.

Cady, Utah, USA

The most beautiful and breathtaking region of Spain that I have visited to date.

Oviedo is the quintessential, conservative, enviornmentally attractive, clean, well ordered city that people with diserning taste would fall in love with.

Pity the climate and some aspects of the landscape is a bit like England, but that is perhaps where the similarities stop.

Go now before things change, hopefully for the better. However, do not be drawn in by the pull of the crowd on the Street where CIDER drinking is part of the tourist trap and trail. Go beyond that area and you will find real value and quality for half the price.

Jamanews, UK

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