Festivals in Asturias

In keeping with all of the other regions of Spain, Asturias has a number of both high profile and much smaller local festivals.

Many of these festivals have a history embedded in a religious right or celebration, however others may be based around a particular food or an item of produce and, in some cases, their original history is pagan. These festivals can involve costume parades, music, dance and frequently eating and drinking (although rarely to excess).

The national drink of the region is a special “still” cider and there are festivals and events that celebrate this beverage. These fiestas have taken on a very colourful and dramatic appearance, part of which is to add to their tourist attracting potential. Some of these events are local to specific towns whilst others are region wide.

More recently, Asturias has become associated with its rivers and canoeing and this has led to a massive water based festival that culminates in a race that has gained international recognition. The result of this is that much of August is considered to be a celebration of canoeing and water based activities and all of the rivers of the region will be filled to bursting with little boats.

Other festivals relate to fishing and protecting sailors at see and some of the festivals are specific to a particular Saint.

The festivals of Asturias run throughout the year and the best way to find out what is happening locally is to be there at the time. However, the month of August is the centre of many fiesta events and there will be something taking place in some part of the region on a daily basis.

Here are a few festival highlights

For details of fiestas and carnivals particular to a specific city in Asturias please use the links below

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