Fernando Alonso

At this point in time it is probably fair to say that Asturias’s most famous son, at least on the international stage, is Fernando Alonso, the Grand Pix Formula one motor racing star.

Alonso was born in the capital city of Asturias, namely Oviedo, and both his parents had normal jobs and average backgrounds. Unlike some GP motor racing drivers he was not born into privalege and wealth.

Fernando Alonso has one sister and his interest in GP and cars was probably a result of his father, who worked as a mechanic, being a kit car racer. His father not only raced the cars, but built them aswell and the story goes that he built a car for Alonso’s older sister, but being uninterested in it it then went to Fernando.

The subsequent events led to Alonso becoming the racer that he is today and winning the Formula One GP championship.

How he satrted and ultimate achievements

Born in 1981, Fernando Alonso first started racing competitively in gocarts, the starting point for many future GP drivers. Coming as he did from a comparatively humble background, Alonso’s family we limited in the financial support that they could offer him, however his performances and results soon attracted commercial sponsors.

Between 1993 and 1996 Alonso was able to win sucessive National Junior titles and in 1996 he was triumphant in winning the World Cup.

Further international titles quickly followed and by 1998 Alonso was racing for Campos in the Nissan series and won the championship at his first attempt. He followed this by moving on to Formula 3000 with team Astromega and, during this first season he won a race and finished fourth overall.

Alonso’s Formula one career started with Minardi at the Australin GP, but it was as a test driver for Renault in 2002 that he really started to catch the attention of the other teams and drivers. He stayed at Renault until 2006 and had his first F1 race in 2003. By 2004 he was making podiums and in 2005 he won in Malaysia and Bahrain early in a season in which he claimed 5 titles. He ultimnately went on the claim the World Championship title in both 2005 and 2006 whist with Renault.

In 2007 Alonso moved to Mclaren, the decision had been made and publiced at the end of 2005, however this was a problematic and eventful year both on and off the track and it saw both parties part terms at the end of the season. Even so Alonso finished third in the table.

2008 saw Alonson back with Renault, but finishes of fifth and nineth in cars that were a little below par soon saw Alonso off to another constructor. This time is would be Scuderia Ferrair where he finished second and then fourth in the drivers championships of 2010 and 2011.

Alonson remains one of the hottest and most controversial properties in Formula One racing. In his home region of Oviedo and country of Spain he is percieved as a hero, but som eof his antics both on and off the track have made hime less popular in the eyes of others.

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