Weather and climate

Asturias enjoys, or suffers from, a balanced four season climate that includes winters with rain and snow. Asturian summers can be warm and sunny, but clear blue skies are not something that a visitor can rely upon, so always be prepared for inclement conditions at some point during your stay.

Because of its seasonal nature, Asturias is most reliably visited between the periods of spring to the end of summer, but fine sunny weather is never guaranteed, so always take a mix of clothing.

Temperature can easily reach 25 degrees centigrade or more on a clear day in June, July, August or September, but showers are frequent and umbrellas are always best sellers.

Although the weather in Asturias is far removed from that of southern Spain, it is this mix of conditions along with the high annual rainfall that give the region its unique scenery and flora and without this it would be just another scorched landscape.

The milder temperatures also offer a more appreciable climate for the many walkers, hikers and cyclists who choose to explore the landscape of this magnificent region.

Best times to visit Asturias

The summer months are undoubtedly the best visiting times in terms of weather, but the areas around the Picos de Europa can get very busy. Opting to take a trip in late April or early September may still get you the pick of the weather, but with fewer fellow tourists.

Weather check

By using this link, you can find out exactly what the weather is like in Asturias, or any of its main cities, both now and as a predicted forecast.

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