Visitor ideas

If you are considering visiting Asturias, then there are a number of questions that you need to ask in order to get the most from your holiday. The answers to these questions will determine what you can and cannot do and shape the agenda of your vacation.

Duration and transport

If your stay is a short one and you have a single base, then you need to decide if it is the coast, or the Picos de Europa mountain range that you want to be close to. You also need to decide if you want your base in a major town or city with everything "on tap".

If you have a longer stay in mind, base yourself in two or more locations. You can stay in a city like Oviedo or Aviles for a few days and then switch to a town at the foot of the mountains for something totally different.

If you hire a car (recommended), then you have plenty of options and one is to head for the coast if you get a particularly hot and sunny day.

Don't miss out on the landscape

Most visitors to Asturias are attracted by the scenery and no visitor should ever confine themselves to an urban location. If you have a car, then a country drive is available to you at any time, but if not there are other sightseeing options.

During the summer months there are numerous bus trips to the mountains and most hotels can help you out with arranging these. There is also a stunningly scenic train route that runs along the coast of Asturias and, aside from taking visitors from one destination to another, takes in some great sights.

Take in a couple of towns

Asturias is also famed for the beautiful little towns and villages that line its coast and surround the foot of the Picos de Europa. Many of these towns are "post card" pretty and you will definitely miss out on Asturias if you do not take in at least one or two of them into your vacation plan.

If you are of an active disposition, or simply prepared to take some exercise, there are activities ranging from hiking to bungee jumping and river fishing to canoeing. Asturias now has a reputation as an activity break centre and you not be left short of ideas when it comes to ways in which you can energetically spend your time.

Finally, if you get the chance, try to take in a fiesta (festival). The whole of Spain is famous for them and every region, including Asturias, has there own particular brand. Most fiestas are colourful and interesting and they can add that extra something to your vacation. To find out more go to this Festivals page.

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