Tourism and tourist offices in Asturias

You will find many good tourist offices in all of the larger towns and cities within Asturias and in a number of strategically located positions in and around the Picos de Europa mountain range. Most of these tourist call-in centres offer a valuable haul of guides, maps and booklets covering everything from museums and national parks, to beaches and places to stay (e.g. small family maintained rural hotels).

As a general rule, many of the free guides and leaflets are town or city specific, but some do cover themes like cuisine, culture or entertainment and these may extend to the whole of the Asturias region.

Tourist help in English (and other languages)

You will find an increasing amount of tourist information about Asturias that is available in English and some other foreign languages (e.g. German and French). Unlike neighbouring Galicia, the organisations promoting Asturias from within are keen to broadcast its virtues to the outside world and, with an active international adventure and mountaineering sports fraternity, they offer a lot of foreign language support.

When it comes to spoken languages, Asturias is quite well geared up for international tourism in terms of the information and support that it provides. This is bolstered by the fact that there are often one or more members of staff in the larger tourist offices who speak some English, French or German.

The general attitude is always one of being helpful and holidaymakers are always made to feel welcome. Our experience has also been that the tourism staff will happily recommend a particular hotel or restaurant in an area if you request them to do so.

If you have any particularly good or bad experiences with any of the tourist bodies in Asturias please let us know so that we can pass that information on to future visitors via this site. Thank you.

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