Sport in Asturias

Over the last decade Asturias has become very popular with those interested in adventure sports, but the area has its fair share of more normal and traditional sporting activities.

In keeping with the rest of Spain, football and basketball are the number one spectators sports, but tennis is also very popular and most towns will have “free to use” tennis courts. If you are a football fan or baseball fan you can always buy a ticket and see one of the local teams in action.

Although less common than in the south of Spain, golf courses are present in Asturias and offer not just a sporting challenge, but stunning scenery into the bargain.

If you want a golfing holiday in this part of Spain, the holiday golf packages common to the south of the country may not be available in Asturias, but you can still arrange flights, accommodation and green fees independently and prices are usually very competitive.

Something more unusual

Aside from the more typical sports, Asturias has its own collection of traditional and regional sports and you may see these at festivals or local events. They include, “trunk cutting” (as in the USA), Celtic bowls (a variation on crown and flat green bowling) and milk churn racing. There are of course many more and all offer an insight into the culture and traditions of the province.

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