Shopping in Asturias

All of the larger towns of Asturias have a good range and variety of shops and these shops will nearly all be speciality shops rather than the departments stores that the British and North Americans are familiar with.

Expect to see butchers, grocers, bakers and stores selling single garment types like shoes or hats. Most shops will be family owned and managed and the level of personal service will be high.

Do not be surprised if you are approached by a member of the shop’s staff as you browse. This is customary in Asturias and it would be considered poor customer care for this not to happen.


Most items will be good value to visitors from the UK (less so to those from the USA), but you need to be careful what you purchase to take home.

Many food products (all for the USA) will not be acceptable at customs, so if you intend to take food ensure that it is adequately sealed and packaged. Drinks do not normally fall under these restrictions.

Holiday keepsakes are also a possible purchase, but always be aware of their weight and any implications on your air baggage limits.

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