Poncebos, Asturias, Spain

Poncebos is yet another small town found at the foot of the Picos de Europa mountain range and like so many other once isolated settlements it now finds itself populated by summer tourists.

Paramount to Poncebos' new found tourist status is its location with its great access to the ever popular "Picos", but it is also an endearing, albeit little town in its own right.

Poncebos finds itself to the north of the mountains, but centrally located to them on an easterly to westerly plain with the border of Cantabria only a few kilometres away to the east.

Why visit Poncebos

For walkers and hikers the “Ruta de Cares” route departs (or arrives) from Poncebos and is extremely popular. It has what most regard as a difficulty rating of “moderate”, but a scenic rating of “as good as it gets”. This is the most frequently undertaken walk on the Picos and you get to see and navigate cavernous ravines, weaving passes, mountain peaks and everything else that the Picos have to offer. You will also find a couple of hotels and hostels in the locality and many of the walking routes have bars where they are least expected.

To genuinely get a reward from visiting Poncebos you must be prepared (and be physically able) to undertake at least one of the many walks in the town’s locality. All of these walks can be arranged in advance in groups with guides if required.

If you plan to visit this area in the busy summer period you should make any bookings several days before you arrive.

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