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Here are some additional photos of the Picos de Europa mountain range that should give you a feel for the beauty and atmosphere of this natural paradise in northern Spain. The Picos de Europa has tough mountainous terrain, but also green hills, forrests and high level lakes. It draws visitors from all over the world and is full of tourist throughout August (a month to avoid if you can).

A small village on the edge of the Picos de Europa with the hills and the start of the mountains in the background.

Looking across the spectacular scenery from above on a bright and sunny day.

A little village at the foot of the mountains at the point where the terrain changes from lush greenery to rocky mountains

One of many tourist cabins that are dotted around the roads that lead in to and through the Picos de Europa. All have lots of maps and guide information.

In the more mountainous zone of the Picos de Europa where little flora and fauna manage to survive and greenery is sparse.

A view of what lies ahead taken from a foot bridge in Cangas de Onis - a starting point for many scenic adventures and walks.

Please bear in mind that none of these photos begin to convey the beauty and scale of the Picos de Europa - it really is a stunning location.

Providing you that you visit this area outside the month of August (when most Spaniards holiday), you will enjoy all of this spectacular scenery with few other tourists to get in the way, or make the area feel like a vacation destination. Prices will also be much cheaper.

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