Nightlife in Asturias

The nightlife in Asturias varies greatly depending upon which town or city you choose to visit.

The larger cities like Oviedo offer all the bars, nightclubs and restaurants that you are ever likely to frequent, whilst the smaller towns may simply have a few bars and the odd restaurant.

The cities also offer a nightlife that, whilst bolstered by tourism, is not dependant upon it. This means that cities like Aviles and Gijon are active outside the summer months, unlike say the towns of Luarca and Poncebos that only really come alive during the holiday season.

What can you expect

Asturias does not have the nightclubs and discos of Ibiza, or the big spectacle shows of Benidorm.

Instead you will find a nightlife that embodies the regions culture with lots of bars staying open until the early hours, but little in the way of rowdy behaviour.

Theatres, ballet and the opera are available to those who wish to experience them, but the most common social pastime of the typical Asturian is relaxing and talking with a glass of wine, a coffee or a cider.

Evenings in Asturias are usually busy and atmospheric, but if you stay in a small town out of season, things may wind down and close up earlier than you might expect.

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