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Although we would recommend that any time you can spend in Luarca is best enjoyed in the town itself, you can travel up to the church and cemetery that lie above the town.

The cemetery is reputed to be one of the most beautiful in Spain (if you like that kind of thing) and the views looking down to the town are very good.

The white church is also quite old and there is a lighthouse on the rock face just below it.

There is a small chapel on another summit behind Luarca which many choose to visit although this one is only accessible by foot. It does offer good photo opportunities, but requires a walk up a steep hill.

Also of interest to many is a maritime museum about a kilometer from the church (mentioned above) and this has displays that include a “real” 30 foot long giant squid that was caught just off the Luarca coast. We were told that catching squids in excess of 20 feet long is not unusual in this area.

With its close proximity to Galicia, Luarca is also positioned such that a short drive along the coast will take you to this neighbouring region with an equally green and scenic landscape.

Just outside of Luarca there is an ancient tower ruin and you can also walk along the banks of the estuarial river that feeds into the sea next to the town.

For anyone wishing to dine in Luarca, seafood is the obvious specialty and there are a number of restaurants serving freshly caught seafood. Variations on lobster and large prawns (shrimps) are popular, but also quite expensive.

Luarca's surrounding scenery

The hills and valleys around Luarca are just as much of a visual treat as the town itself. The countryside of Luarca rises and falls with plenty of greenery, some of it punctuated by the occasional areas of exposed limestone rock and as you move away from the town, forests also roll up and down the undulating hills. All told Luarca and the surrounding area really are a "must visit" tourist stop if you plan to spend any time in the west of Asturias.

Accommodation is available in Luarca and, being some distance from the "Picos de Europa", Luarca does not get as busy as you might expect - the month of August being the possible exception to this rule.

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