Hotels in Asturias, Spain

Asturias has many hotels and they cover every quality and price range from the “international style” four star hotels to the pensiones and hostels and found in the smaller towns and rural areas. Many of the small to medium sized rural hotels are beautifully themed and offer stylish regional accommodation.

For information on hotel classifications in Spain and how they equate to English speaking standards, please see the information further down this page.

For some additional information about hotels in Asturias and how they differ from hotels in the southern region's of Spain, see this Hotels in Northern Spain page.

Hotel classification in Spain


The Spanish parador is the highest level of hotel in Spain. The accommodation is of a very high standard with matching facilities. Parador hotels are often former historic buildings like stately homes, castles or buildings with a strong connection to the past. They are state owned and managed.


Hotels in Spain are the same as everywhere else and have a star rating that should reflect the facilities of the hotel in question. Hotels should provide on suite bedrooms, bars and dinning areas, plus other facilities which may include swimming pools, a spa, sports complexes and business facilities. The star rating ranges from one to five.


Pensiones are below a hotel standard, but superior to a Fonda (below). Pensiones should not be called hotels (although they often are). They have their own star classification standard. There is a significant difference between e.g. 2 star pension and two star hotel (the latter being superior).


These are similar to boarding houses. They have their own symbol, a blue letter F on a white background. They have a small number of bedrooms (not usually on suite), and are cheap and cheerful.


These are Spain's equivalent of hostels.

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