Hotels in northern Spain

Although Spain is a single nation, its hotels are largely shaped by the tourists who frequent them and these tourists vary significantly between green Spain and the traditional resorts of the country's south.

Consequently, a typical Spanish hotel in the south of Spain will be large with dozens, or even hundreds of rooms. It will have facilities like a TV, swimming pools and multiple bars, but little in the way of atmosphere and unique charm.

Hotels in the north of Spain are very different. Places like Asturias, Galicia and Cantabria do not see year round mass tourism. Neither do their hotels cater for primarily English or German tourists. These hotels tend to be smaller hotels, often in rural or semi rural locations and, whilst most offer a dining service, only the larger establishments have facilities like TV's and swimming pools. (This information continues below.)

The north of Spain

If you like hotels with character and charm, then the hotels in northern Spain will more than satisfy. You will find little in the way of blandness and most hotels will be owned and run by a single family rather than a large chain.

Rooms tend to be furnished in the regional style and, whilst TV's are usually absent, the other compensations of this kind of hotel should more than account for this minor omission.

Food too will be of the regional variety and most small hotels offer a limited, but good quality menu of locally sourced dishes. There will always be other hotels and restaurants close by if you do not like the dining options on offer in your hotel.

If you still want a large multi national hotel chain, then these are available in places like Asturias, but mainly in the major cities of Oviedo, Gijon and Aviles. If you want to base your stay in the more scenic areas like Cangas de Onis, or anywhere around the Picos de Europa, then the small rural hotels (of which there are many) will be your best (and some times only) option.

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