Grandas de Salime, Asturias, Spain

Grandas de Salime is a small inland town close to the western border of Asturias and Galicia's north western province of Lugo. It is set amongst the hills and is surrounded by pine forests and grasslands. Grandas de Salime has a population of roughly 1,500 people and a river runs close by the town. The town is attracting an increasing number of tourists, but is still rarely busy and makes a refeshing change from some of Asturias' other more tourist frequented locations.

The single most important monument in Grandas de Salime is its large church, "la iglesia parroquial de Grandas de Salime". This stone church with its colonnaded and arch like openings is the town's biggest visual spectacle.

Aside from the church, Grandas de Salime also has a small museum which now occupies the former "la antigua Casa Rectoral de Grandas" building and exhibits tools and artefacts that are particular to the area and its way of life. It is very much a museum to represent the locality and attempts to capture a picture of a way of life that is slowly disappearing.

Grandas de Salime also has a castro (the remains of a prehistoric settlement) from which many varied artefacts have and are still being excavated.

Grandas de Salime is also on one of the "Camino de Santiago" pilgrimage routes that terminate in the Galician city of Santiago de Compostela. A stone marker with an inverted shell (the symbol of the Camino) can be found close to the town signifying the pilgrim's path and for this reason the town always has a steady trickle of visitors.

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