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With a long history, Gijon has plenty of fiestas (festivals) and local events taking place annually and many are of interest to the tourist or traveller.

The main festival season is spread over the summer months and sees a mix of religious and more playful celebrations taking place. Activities surrounding these festivals can include processions (floral and/or in fancy dress), music concerts and recitals, and plenty of eating, dancing and partying. Fiestas usually continue until well into the early hours and many extend beyond 4.00am.

Fiestas of tourist interest

Fiestas of note include, “San Xuan” which sees a large bonfire lit on midsummer night (a similar event takes place in the town of Mieres on 24 June). This is one of the city’s biggest events and it is always well attended. Today it has limited religious significance and is more about atmosphere and having fun.

Another important fiesta in Gijon is “el Antroxu”. This fiesta takes place on the last Tuesday before Lent (called Carnival Tuesday) and it is an important event in the annual calendar of the city.

Other fiestas or “romerias” of note are “Black week” in July and the late summer (or early autumn) fiesta of San Miguel which takes place on 29 September.

Gijon has a number of more modern cultural events, most oriented around the arts, and these include those connected with music and the cinema.

Music has always played a part in festivals and carnivals in Asturias, but today it has been updated to include a mix of bands and sounds intended to appeal to all age groups and generations.

Full list of Gijon’s main fiestas

Anyone having the opportunity to witness a fiesta in Gijon should certainly take it.

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