Gay Information

In keeping with the rest of Spain, Asturias is a region where there is no discrimination based on partner gender selection.

However Asturias is a region containing a large number of small and relatively isolated little communities and in some of these "un-tourist" frequented towns all visitors get that extra attention - simply because they are foreigners.

If you are gay, do not make the mistake of assuming that this is why you are attracting the additional interest. It will simply be the sound of a foreign voice and the difference in physical appearance many of the lesser visited towns see few non Spanish visitors and the older people in particular tend to look and stare.

The Gay Scene in Asturias

Asturias is a region with a low population and a very laidback attitude to everything. You will not find a thriving gay scene, or indeed a scene of any kind in Asturias. Everyone just gets on with what they do.

Asturians generally take people as they find them and are friendly and hospitable to tourists.

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