Fishing in Asturias

Aside from Asturias having its own economic connection with fishing and the sea, it is also a great place to fish inland for trout and salmon. Certain stretches of some of Asturias’ rivers have developed a reputation as great fishing locations and many people choose to relax and enjoy this pastime.

If you want to go fishing in Asturias you need to check, in advance, for any restrictions, permits or permissions that may be necessary.

Updated fishing in Asturias info

In addition to its breathtaking scenery, Asturias is also a haven for those for whom fishing is an active pursuit. As a coastal principality the region has both inland river fishing and sea fishing and, unusually, both salmon and sea trout can be caught in some of the mountainous parts of this region of rivers.


When it comes to fishing for salmon there is a strict season that commences in May and finishes at the end of July. The salmon caught can often be up to two feet in length.

With brown trout and sea run trout the season covers a period from 16 May to the end of August with sea trout being most prominent in the month of August. The trout are typically around one foot in length.

Fishing licences etc

The restrictions, limitations and applications for fishing licences can be both bureaucratic and time consuming and therefore it is a good idea to either, get these formalities sorted out in advance of your trip, or use a local tour operator or fishing guide’s services. These companies or specialists will arrange everything from your accommodation to your transport to the best fishing sites and packed lunches will normally be included.

If you intend to apply for a licence yourself you can do so in person or through the internet. (Refer to the link below and the advice that it provides.

For information covering everything connected with fishing legislation and licences you can use the link below. (i.e. the official government website.) In short, you will require a tourist permit in order to fish in Asturias. fishing info page.

It the link (above) does not work, then you need to go to and manually search the site for the pages covering fishing in Asturias. Most of the information can be found in English by initially selecting your language from the “English” link under the left side of the main title picture.

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