Daytime in Asturias

Asturias is one location where you should never have any trouble filling your day.

Most visitors to Asturias are motivated by the region's stunning scenery and the mountains of the Picos de Europa, and with these two features as an inspiration there is plenty to see and do.

Walking in Asturias

Even if you are not a walker, taking a short walk on one of the region's many walking routes is an absolute must, but taking a drive inland or on the coast will be equally satisfying. You can visit numerous tiny villages and get a real feel of what rural life is like in this northern Spanish territory.

Towns and cities

Asturias also has some beautiful towns and cities (see the index to the left) where you can witness medieval old towns, churches dating back to the thirteenth century and villages that have stood still in time.


Eating and drinking can also be a treat in Asturias. The province has a number of regional dishes (see the "Cuisine" link in the right menu) and its unique “sidrerias” offering the local brew of cider. For those who are less adventurous, typical Spainish food is served everywhere and an international menu is available in many restaurants.


On a warm sunny day, and Asturias has plenty of them in summer, you have some of Spain’s most beautiful beaches at your disposal. There are also plenty of breathtaking cliff top walks where you can look down on the ocean below.


For anyone with a more adventurous nature, or even those who just want a bit of exercise, Asturias has thousands of kilometres of country and mountain paths with difficulty levels ranging from simple to difficult. There is also the option to go canoeing, fishing, hangliding, caving or mountainering.


For culture vultures, Asturias has many museums and galleries and most focus on some aspect of the region or its people. But Asturias also embraces modern culture and was recently selected (June 2007) as the location for the world premier of a Woody Allen film. If you prefer your culture more aged, then the cave paintings and ancient castros should suffice.

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