Colunga, Asturias Spain

Colunga is a small town that we spotted just off one of the main carriageways when we were heading towards Cangas de Onis having left the coast road.

We decided to call in and take a look around Colunga on our return journey, mainly because the town appears to sit on a plateau and looks very attractive from a distance (the photo does not do it justice).

Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worse while we were in Colunga and the backdrop of blue skies are, regrettably, missing. The town was however very nice and had a number of bars, a park and a small old district.

In keeping with many localities in Asturias, Colunga has some brightly painted buildings, a single spire white church and it is surrounded by scenic countryside.

The areas around Colunga see a large number of orchards and breweries making sidra (sider) and two particularly large ones were just down the road from the town. One of them does offer tours of the establishment, but was closed at the time of our visit.

Unfortunately we were unable to obtain any maps or tourist information about Colunga, but the photographs on this page will give you a feel for what the town was like. It is simply an authentic Asturian hamlet and one that is off the main tourist trail.

A colourful building in the old town.

The main street of Colunga.

This is the entrance to a sidra brewery. The cottage industry style building belies the large warehouse structure and storage areas that lay behind it.

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