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If you are planning a holiday in Asturias with a focus on the region's natural beauty, walking, canoeing, climbing, or simply relaxing in the heart of green Spain, then Cangas de Onis and the villages around it are ideally where you want to stay.

The town of Cangas de Onis is actually in a deep valley where it is set between the rivers of Sella and Guena and not surprisingly it benefits from a more than a picturesque location.

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Cangas de Onis has historic, scenic and adventure tourist appeal for different reasons. It lies in very close proximity to the popular tourist village of Cavadonga, the scene of an historic battle, as well as being on the edge of the Picos de Europa mountains. It also has the town of Arriondas, an adventure sports center, just a few kilometres down the road. This town is especially well known for canoeing. The coast too is no more than half an hours drive away from Cangas de Onis and there are many interesting villages close by that you can explore without leaving the general area.

If you really want to see the best that Asturias has to offer, then we would recommend that you spend a few days in this area and stay at one of the many small rural hotels that lie close to Cangas de Onis.

By doing this you will have access to all of life's modern essentials, but still enjoy the beauty and seclusion of this breathtaking part of Asturias.

Why stay in Cangas de Onis

In Cangas de Onis you will find a town that has developed around tourism - but do not let that put you off. This is a pretty little town and it is an ideal base from which to explore and arrange activities in this scenic and beautiful part of western Asturias.

Cangas has many shops, bars and restaurants, plus companies that will help you to organise anything from a minibus trip up to the lakes in the mountains, to the hire of a quad bike or a canoe excursion. You can also buy outdoor clothing, walking shoes and of course the region's traditional drink of sidra.

Walking around Cangas de Onis can easily fill a couple of hours and the town has a nice little square surrounded by bars that can get busy, but never rowdy. The town has one main street that runs its length and most of the shops and buildings of interest are on, or run off from, this main road.

There is a Roman bridge that lies to one end of the town and the streets are colourful and the local people are very friendly. The town has a clean tidy look to it and the green but mountainous backdrop is picture perfect.

As you walk around Cangas de Onis you will quickly become aware of the various businesses offering excursions and sporting activities. If you wish to indulge in one of these, do not make you booking at the first one you encounter, shop around and get the best deal.

Prices for drinks, beverages and meals are generally quite good and you will find plenty of T shirts, key rings and other keep sakes of the area to take home with you. Fortunately, most are tasteful.

Within Cangas de Onis there is a large free parking area behind the main town for cars and coaches and both the town and local tourist spots around it are all well signposted. Cangas de Onis has its own tourist office and you will probably cross one of the small rivers if you venture outside the central shopping area.

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