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When it comes to tourism, Cangas de Onis is well and truly on the Asturian front page. It has a perfect location from which to access the Picos de Europa national park and it is easily accessible via main roads by bus and car.

As a result Cangas has become a favourite base and starting point for excursions into and up the Picos de Europa mountains and from which to reach the more local towns of the mountain range's base.

The scenery is spectacular, the surrounding towns and villages are quaint, but main stream civilization is never far away. If you really want to see green Spain at its absolute best, then Cangas de Onis will make a good holiday base.

Scenic tourism in Cangas de Onis

Cangas de Onis has major tourist appeal, even if you have no desire to involve yourself in a sport or adventure activity (we never have). It is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and you can easily travel to the mountain slopes by car without doing any exertive walking.

Once at the Picos de Europa you can choose to select any one of a massive number of walks, or alternatively continue your exploration by car. Most roads, whilst narrow, are of a good quality and there are plenty of little villages where you can take a break or get something to eat.

You will also find tourism cabins dotted around this area and they all offer a number of leaflets and maps, many available in English and all showing different walking routes. Many of these walks are for the novice and do not involve strenuous excursions, or steep hills.

For those not wishing to venture far, the town of Cangas de Onis is attractive in itself and has an old arched bridge, a Romanesque chapel from the eighth century and a local prehistoric cave decorated with paintings from approximately fifteen thousand years ago.

There are also many drivable routes that will take you around some of the more awe inspiring natural wonders of the area.

Organised trips

If you want an excursion, but prefer not to drive yourself, there are coach and mini bus trips available to Cavadonga and the mountain lakes and both can be booked through an agent in Cangas de Onis. You can also arrange a customised outing catering for your own specific needs or agenda with or without a tour guide, although this kind of trip will prove more expensive.

Cangas de Onis is really a municipality rather than just a town and it has a number of other small towns and villages within its boundary. For those with an interest in walking or hiking, any of these will be a sound location from which to start your Asturian adventure and there are a large number of small hotels and "pensiones" (cheap hotels) in which you can stay. Many are of excellent quality, so do not be put off by two star ratings, especially if you want something authentic and rural.

If you plan to visit in late July or August you will need to arrange your accommodation and any organised trips well in advance.

If you can arrange holiday dates to earlier or later times do so, you will find the area much more peaceful and relaxing.

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