Boal, Asturias, Spain

Boal is a small inland town in the east of Asturias with a population of about 3, 000 inhabitants. It main source of employment and income are agriculture. It lies on a flat "valley" like plain approximately 145 kilometres from Oviedo and has the white rendered houses that are typical of the western part of this province.

Although quite compact, the main urbanisation of Boal is surrounded by grasslands and the buildings are all constructed on a gentle slope. Boal has a church and its main street is called the "Avenida de Asturias" (Avenue of Asturias).


In the greater scheme of things Boal does not offer anything that is absent from most other Asturian towns and villages, but it is certainly an attractive little spot and one of the less tourist affected settlements in Asturias. Certainly worth visiting if you are in the vicinity.

Boal does not suffer the crowds that some of the towns located around the region's mountain ranges experience during the peak season, but still has good walking country around it.

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