Blue flaf beaches in Asturias

Asturias has a great many beaches dotted along its coast and most see very few bathers, so this is a perfect part of Spain for those wanting to find a deserted stretch of beach that they can have to themselves.

Many of these beaches are not particularly well known, other than by locals, however below we have listed some of the better known beaches, all of which have been awarded Blue Flags.

Arnao beach

Arnao beach is in the town of Castropol and it has white sand and calm waters. It overlooks Galicia and is close to a tidal river. This is a beautiful beach.

Cueva beach

Cueva beach is the local beach for the town of Cueva, close to Valdes, and it is part of a National Park designation. The beach is a mix of sand and small stones.

Cadavedo beach

Cadavedo beach (known locally as Ribeirona beach) is close to Valdes and used to have a history as a port for whaling. Today there are no indications of its past activities and the sand and pebble beach cab become very busy in the month of August.

San Pedro beach

San Pedro beach is in Cudillero close to the town of Soto de Luina and it is another beach that can get busy during the Spanish holiday month of August. The beach has yellowy white sand and, like many others, it has protected status.

Camofrio beach

Camofrio beach is a 450 metre long sandy beach in the principality of Muros de Nalon. One section of this beach is called Aguilar beach whilst the other is known as Campofrio. It is a popular beach during the summer period.

Salinas beach

Salinas beach is in the district of Comarca Aviles and the town of Castrillon. It is in fact a collection of interconnected beaches that include Espartal beach and San Juan de Nieva beach and it has a reputation for being one of the most popular beaches in Asturias. It has a total length of 1200 metres (two third of a mile) and the sand is yellow. There is a promenade that runs part way along the side of this beach.

Rodiles beach

Rodiles beach is a one kilometre long sandy beach next to a tidal river in Villaviciosa. It has a beautiful scenic backdrop and is part of a nature park. Its location means that it can get busy during warm summer days.

Borizu beach

Borizu beach is close to the town of Llanes and has yellow sand. It is about half a kilometre in length and runs into Arnielles Isle at low tide. It proximity to Llanes ensure that it is occupied during holidays and weekends.

Toro beach

Toro beach is another beach close to Llanes although it is smaller than Borizu above.

Sablon beach

Sablon beach is the main beach for the town of Llanes and it is just a short stroll from the town centre. This beach is only about 100 metres wide and it has a semi-circular retaining wall behind it that makes it look very manmade. It is nearly always busy, but there are better beaches to visit (see above).

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