Allande in Asturias

Allande is a municipality of Asturia, something akin to a county or state, and it has its own capital named Pola de Allande and a total population of a mere 2,886 people.

Allande is comprised of a number of parishes, but all are highly rural and they see meadows, mountains and forests dominate the scenery. There are rivers, lakes and streams and fishing is a popular pastime with locals and visitors.

The municipality as a whole has been designated as an area of national importance, similar to a national or state park and the population in this zone of Asturias is low. The area of the principality is about 369 square kilometres in total, but it houses a great deal of natural beauty.

There are just under twenty different parishes making up Allande and they include Lago, Besullo, San Martin del Valledor and Villavaser, but no single parish dominates the area. The zone has also suffered from human depopulation and has fewer residents now than at the beginning of the twentieth century.

There is little in the way of industry in Allande and agriculture is undoubtedly the driving force of the economy in this green and beautiful part of the region. Tourism though has its place with fishing and active sports like hand gliding and walking attracting visitors. There area also has a number of designated walks including a four hour hike to the Montefurado Cave de Xuan Rat.


For visitors to this part of Asturias, the main holiday festivals are in June and August with the most important being the fiesta being that of Nuestra Senora de Avellano which lasts four day in the first half of the month.

To see our original summary of Allande, see page 2.

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