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Allande is an Asturian municipality that sits quite close to the province of Lugo in neighbouring Galicia. Within Asturias it is surrounded by Cangas del Narcea, Pesoz, Negueira de Munz and Ibas.

The greater part of Allande is rural and the municipality is classified as a national park containing many meadows, forests and streams of exceptional natural beauty.

Highlights of the area include a cork tree forest and a forest primarily consisting of yew trees, some of which are estimated to be in excess of 1,000 years old.

The population of Allande is small and, like many rural zones in Asturias and northern Spain, it continues to decrease, despite government incentives to encourage farming and agriculture.

For the tourist, this area has a few small towns and it also celebrates a number of fiestas, but the main draw will be the scenery and the opportunities for walking. It benefits from being very scenic, but considerably less commercialised than the zones around the Picos de Europa.

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