Adventure sports

Asturias is growing in popularity as a destination for a range of adventure sports and recreations. The varied geography of the region lends itself to many activities ranging from hangliding and bungee jumping through to canoeing, archery and snowboarding.

Today Asturias has evolved a specialist sector within its tourism industry that caters for these unusual and more extreme sports.

Left, a selection of leaflets produced by companies providing some of these sporting pass times.

Most towns and particularly those around the “Picos de Europa” mountains, or one of the region’s rivers, will have at least one company or outfitter that can provide you with everything from specialist clothing to equipment, training and group excursions.

Organising your participation in adventure sports

If you want to participate in, or experience one of these adventure sports, you need firstly to select the location of your stay. Once you have done this it is a good idea to contact one or two hotels in the area you are considering basing yourself in. You can ask them about adventure sport options and information and contact details for local companies who can assist you in the provision of equipment and if necessary supervision.

Most hotels will be happy to do this and some will even help you make the bookings. You may also find that some hotels include an adventure sport or activity (often canoeing) within a special multi night stay package.

If you choose to organise your sporting activities independantly on your arrival, you will be calling in at the specialist outlets similar to the one pictured above. But be aware that in late July and the whole of the month of August you must pre-book well in advance - especially for canoeing.

Adventure sport options in Asturias

It is impossible to provide a comprehensive listing of which adventure sport options are offered in which locations, but below is a list of the more common and accessible activities. Obviously you will find activities like mountaineering around the “Picos” and water based sports close to one of Asturias’ rivers.

If you plan to stay during the height of summer you will need to book and reserve equipment and any organised activities well in advance of your holiday. failing to do this will almost certainly result in disappointment.

The google ads on this page continually change and you can usually find some links to companies offering adventure holidays in Asturias, especially around Cangas de Onis.

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